Bastial Explosion Has been Released!

Bastial Explosion takes place around the same time as Bastial Steel. I’m leaving the description out of this post because of possible spoilers for those who haven’t finished the earlier books yet. The next novel is available now on Amazon.

While Bastial Steel showed what was happening in Greenedge, this new novel follows the story in Ovira.

The war itself is a focal point in this novel, forcing all characters to come to terms that their lives are in danger. Each person and creature handles this differently, and all of them begin to realize that there will be many deaths before the war is over. Here’s the description:

As Effie and her roommates learn firsthand the true savagery of their enemies, anger and grief threaten to overtake them. While dealing with internal turmoil, each student also must come to terms with his or her role in battle – and soon.

The Krepps have twice the numbers of Kyrro, and the frightfully strong creatures are eager to kill. After managing to anger the entire Academy during his introduction, Zoke learns that behaving like a Krepp makes him more of an outcast with his new allies in Kyrro than he was with his own race. With his sister Zeti on the opposing side as the gruesome events of war unfold, soon the only thing the siblings have in common is a waning hope that they won’t see each other on the battlefield. But before a clash of unprecedented proportions can occur, something unheard of is discovered lingering deep below Tenred that may change everything.

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