Wrath Games – Now Available on Amazon

The sequel to Fire Games is available now on Amazon.  I’m happy to announce that the first novel, Fire Games, has exceeded my expectations and sold over 3,000 copies in the first month. I’m hoping that those who enjoyed it will find Wrath Games to be an even better read.

An interesting note about the two books in this series is that coming up with the titles has been difficult…almost embarrassingly difficult, actually, as I think about all the hours I spent trying out different ones. Looking at the titles, I realize this news is surprising, for they are nothing extraordinary, haha.

Usually coming up with the idea for the cover image is a far more difficult process than coming up with the title. It’s been the opposite with this series, both covers coming to mind weeks before I finally settled on a title. Unfortunately, I already know it’s going to be the same case with the third and final book. I have the cover image in mind, yet no idea about the title.

In any event, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and I’m excited to find out what you guys think of it.

Here’s the description:

With war escalating, Neeko knows he will be sent to battle soon. Meanwhile, his mother’s cunning murderer will stop at nothing to kill him. But these dangers don’t compare to what’s coming, what no one in the North can defend against except for him.

Forced down crossroads that are sure to change the course of his life no matter which path he chooses, Neeko must use everything he’s learned to stay alive and protect the North. Unfortunately, that still might not be enough. He thought he’d already seen the most horrible savagery with the murder of his mother, but the worst is yet to come.

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