An Ending and a Beginning

Pyforial Games, the final book of the Pyforial Mage Trilogy is now available on Amazon. I would like to say a little about it and what’s to come. No spoilers.

I enjoyed writing about Neeko and Shara, perhaps a little too much. The finished rough draft concluded at 132,000 words but was eventually edited down to 117,000. That means about 11% of the book was removed. I’m sad for it to end, but I hope everyone is happy with the story and feels the same connection to the characters that I do.

I’ve already written half of the first book of the new series, and I couldn’t be more excited about its progress. It takes place in Kyrro and mostly follows students at the Academy, like the first series: The Rhythm of Rivalry. It’s written such that no previous books are required to understand it, but it does build upon my first series, so there will be an extra layer of enjoyment for those who’ve read the Bastial books coming into it.

The first book of this new series is told through the eyes of three different characters, one being an old favorite while the other two are new characters. Many original characters will play important roles throughout the series, even if chapters are not told through their point of view. As I write this, I keep having to stop myself from divulging too much because I’m that excited about it. Let’s just say that if you’ve enjoyed any of my previous books, you’ll definitely want to read this one.

Although I’m writing more each week than ever, it still might be a while before my new book is released. I’m leaning toward finishing two or three novels in the series, and then releasing all of them at once. Here’s a little gem for you fans who’ve read this far: If you’re interested in getting a free digital copy of the book weeks or even months earlier than its release date, and you wouldn’t mind writing an honest review on Amazon, then you should email me at I’m looking to give out ARCs (advance reader copies) in exchange for honest reviews. My next book could be ready for you to begin as quickly as the end of April. The only requirement is that you must agree to finish the book before it’s released (I’ll give you more than a month to do this), and then you must write an honest review (can be short) on Amazon when it has been released. Have any questions? Feel free to email me or comment below.

But don’t forget to purchase Pyforial Games — The final book in the Pyforial Mage Trilogy. Doing so will make B.T. Narro very happy!



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