Cover and Title Reveal for New Book

The first book of my next series is finished! It’s all edited and has a cover I’m thrilled to present. The story starts where the last of my two series left off, but it’s written in such a way that you will not have to have read any of the previous books to follow the story. Have a look at the description below:

The first great war of Ovira has ended and the most hated king in centuries is dead, but his nephew still lives. However, Basen had nothing to do with the destructive war his uncle started. In fact, it was his uncle who exiled him and his father to the territory of their enemies, where Basen’s dreams of becoming a legendary mage now fade as he must work all day just to eat. His only chance at regaining some semblance of the life he thought he would lead is to join an elite school that trains, houses, and feeds a thousand new young men and women each year. But little does Basen know that his determination will put him at the center of a war even bloodier than the one he’d barely managed to avoid.

I’m both excited and nervous to hear what people think about this book, so I’m eager to release it, but I need to refrain and wait just a little longer. My editor and I are currently editing the second book in the series while I’m writing the third at the same time. My release plan has changed and might change again, but I’m currently thinking of releasing Kin of Kings on October 1st. This might change depending on my progress with the next two books because I would like to release them all within one month of each other. I still need to decide how many books will be in the series. Right now, it’s looking like four, but I thought that same thing with my first series, which ended up needing six books to tell the story I wanted to tell. It could be the same with this.

I’ll make another post when I’ve figured out the exact release date. And one more chapter will be coming soon!




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