Kin of Kings: Rise of Legends – Book 2 is Available for Preorder

Kin of Kings has been doing very well so far, greatly exceeding my expectations! I’m so happy and appreciative for everyone who has read it. Thank you! The second book in the series, “Rise of Legends” can be preordered now on Amazon. It’s scheduled to be released December 16, 2015.

You can purchase it on the USA Amazon site or the UK Amazon site.

I’m trying something new with the cover of this one. Feel free to tell me what you think. This is the first face I’ve ever put on a cover. I realize that some people might not like to see a face because they have a different idea in their mind of the way a character looks, but I think this cover fits with the book very well, and I hope a lot of people will appreciate it. My cover artist puts so much work into each project, and I’m so thankful for her talent and dedication.

Here is the description of the book. WARNING, it might contain very slight spoilers for people who haven’t finished the first book:

Basen’s unique skill with energy leaves him hunted by a psychic of legendary power. But that becomes the least of his troubles when an enemy army of unknown numbers, loyal to a murderous pretender to the throne, surrounds the Academy where Basen has honed his talents. As he begins uncovering the truth about his enemies, it does little more than show him how powerful they really are. But the most dangerous of all, the one who hunts him, will shock everyone by accomplishing something so diabolical, so utterly insane, no one would’ve guessed it was possible.


Rise of Legends Final



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