Rise of Legends Comes Out December 16

For those of you reading this post today, that means the book will be released tomorrow! Even though this is the eleventh book I’ve published, I still get nervous about a new release. What if everyone hates it? What if it gets terrible reviews? What if no one wants to read the rest of the series? I know by now these fears are natural, not just to writing, but for any type of work that involves dedicating so many hours to a single project. When I remind myself of this, I tend to relax…somewhat.

Every preorder, purchase, or borrow through Kindle Unlimited is greatly appreciated. I love getting emails and seeing reviews. Feedback about the series has been wonderful so far, and sales continue to exceed my expectations. This whole experience has been amazing. Without everyone’s support, I wouldn’t be able to keep publishing. Thank you!

I really hope you enjoy the book and that the wait has been worth it.

The rough draft of book 3 is almost completed, but editing still has a ways to go. I’m hoping there won’t be too long of a delay between book 2 and book 3. It should be close to my normal release schedule, of 2 or 3 months between books.

Purchase Rise of the Legends on Amazon December 16, 2015.

Rise of Legends Final

Basen’s unique skill with energy leaves him hunted by a psychic of legendary power. But that becomes the least of his troubles when an enemy army of unknown numbers, loyal to a murderous pretender to the throne, surrounds the Academy where Basen has honed his talents. As he begins uncovering the truth about his enemies, it does little more than show him how powerful they really are. But the most dangerous of all, the one who hunts him, will shock everyone by accomplishing something so diabolical, so utterly insane, no one would’ve guessed it was possible.



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