Shadows of Kings: Book 3. Preorder Available Now

Shadows of Kings, the third book in the Kin of Kings series, will be available for purchase February 1, 2016. You can preorder it on amazon, and it will automatically be delivered to your Kindle library as soon as it becomes available.

My cover artist has made a few tweaks to the cover, and I think it’s even better now. I’m leaving the old one up in the previous post so you can see some of the creative process behind the finalization of these covers.

I’m excited for this third book. I believe anyone who has enjoyed the series so far will really enjoy the action and drama in this book. I’m also happy with the direction of the story, and I’m looking forward to starting the fourth. But as always, I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve gotten some great feedback through emails for this series in particular, and I’m always interested in more.

Here’s the description of the book:

For many young mages like Basen, the Academy is more than just a place to learn the art of manipulating energy. It has become the only sanctuary in this unbalanced war, a symbol of resistance. But the Academy can’t stand up to Tauwin’s army much longer. As Basen and a group of allies take on the task of recruiting troops from other territories, he soon comes to find that no one is stupid enough to fight…no one except a fearsome horde of creatures more powerful and violent than they are smart. Basen begins leading them back to the Academy only to realize there’s a good reason humans have kept away from these creatures for centuries.

On the other hand, Tauwin has problems of his own. His benefactor in this war arrives in Kyrro to claim what he was promised in exchange for his support: half of the territory. Sanya quickly assumes this benefactor to be the opportunity she needs to fix everything that has gone wrong in her life, planning to gain his trust and turn him against Tauwin by informing him of Tauwin’s lies. But soon she’ll discover that this masked man, who’s come to Kyrro with his own army, is even more dangerous than he appears.

Shadows of Kings



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