Cover and Title Reveal – Awaken, Book One

“Awaken” is the first book of my new series, the Mortal Mage Trilogy. It should be available on Amazon close to the end of this month, February 2017. I’m ecstatic with how the book turned out, although it needs a lot more editing before it’s finally done. Below the amazing cover, you’ll find the description for the book. I hope you’re looking forward to reading it as much as I’m looking forward to releasing it! A little reminder: it takes place twenty-five years after the end of the Kin of Kings series, in the same world. But you don’t need to read any of my previous books to follow the story.

Desil has spent his life honing his magic, but a promise to his mother has kept him from doing anything worthwhile with it. Now all he does is help his mother manage her tavern as his father rests in a grave. Desil knows there’s at least one other mage somewhere in this territory who can do what he can; they share a connection through their magic, although they’ve never met. He stays up nights wondering what they might be able to accomplish together.

When an opportunity to not only meet this mage but change the course of his future finally presents itself, Desil jumps at the chance. A great leader has disappeared, leaving clues that only Desil and this other mage can see. War is coming, and following the clues could mark Desil as a traitor, but he trained his whole life for something. If this isn’t it, then what is? He might unearth a new power capable of ending war, or he might die trying. Either is better than doing nothing.



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