Book Two Available Now!

I’m excited to announce that Book 2 of the Mortal Mage trilogy is available now. The Akorell Break:

Desil and a few allies must race to obtain two rare ingredients that could create a swing of power strong enough to end the burgeoning war. Hundreds have already perished in battle, and thousands more are likely to die, pitting time against Desil and his allies. But they aren’t the only ones scrambling to collect these ingredients in forgotten corners of the world. One is a king desperate for more power with an entire army at his disposal. The other contender remains a mystery, though his abilities are so vast that he seems capable of penetrating Desil’s dreams even from across the continent. Having never met the man, Desil can only wonder what else he’s ultimately capable of, and what he might do with the unprecedented power he would acquire if he beats Desil’s allies to the ingredients.




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