Quick Update: Next Series

I apologize for taking so long to provide this update. I should be done with the rough draft of the next book relatively soon, then it will still need editing. It could take a couple months before it’s ready, but it shouldn’t be longer than that.

It’s been difficult to create an entirely new world, especially one with a new magic system and characters. But it was even more difficult because of some bad news and some good news. I’ve been dealing with health issues that have certainly slowed me down, but they are more or less under control, for now. I also moved into my first house, in a new city, which is very exciting but certainly took a lot of time away from writing. I’ve been struggling to get back into my usual routine, but I’m expecting to do so as I start the next book. The sequel to the one I’m working on should come out much quicker than this.

Thanks for waiting!



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