Book 2 Coming Soon: Bridge of Realms

I am finishing up the sequel to Echoes of a Fallen Kingdom. It should be ready soon, by March 26 or earlier. There will be more action, more drama, and the kids will grow up emotionally and physically. Get ready for the best Book 2 I have written in any series.

Okay bragging over. I really hope all of you enjoy it. The story was one of the more difficult to plot (outline), but once I was able to start writing, it really took off. I think all the people who enjoyed Book 1 are going to love this sequel, and I believe all the people who were unsure about Book 1 should still very much enjoy this story. It was my intention to give this book everything Book 1 did not have.

My cover artist always does an amazing job, but she might’ve outdone herself this time. Take a look at the cover. I hope you like it!

Have a great weekend!

Oh, as it turns out my website isn’t allowing me to post images right now. For now, you can see the cover on my Facebook page.



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