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B.T. Narro’s Bio

B T (Brian Thoele) Narro was born in 1985, in San Francisco, California, where he still Brian_authorpic4lives. He loves intricate stories with surprises, humor, romance, but above all, deeply developed characters and worlds that are so real they seem to live on once the novel is finished. This is what he strives for as a writer.

Brian’s passion for fantasy started in middle school. He had a lot of inspiring teachers, one of which was his sixth grade English teacher, Rick Riordan (long before he was famous), who loved to enthrall his students by masterfully telling Greek myths from memory.

By sophomore year in college, Brian had finished his first full-length novel. Although immensely proud of it at the time, Brian eventually realized his friends were being generous when they told him it needed work. Years after graduating with his bachelor’s degree in creative writing, he continued to scribble down scenes for the same story as he worked as a customer support representative at a computer game company.

An injury to his hands left him unable to use them for more than turning on the television, so working a mouse and keyboard eight hours a day was completely out of the question. Between recovery exercises and visits to many doctors, Brian used voice recognition software to start writing seriously again, which served as a cure to his painful boredom and a distraction to his even more painful injury. Workers comp eventually ran out, and his hands hadn’t improved much. Living with his parents, and suffering from an injury that seemed as if it may be permanent, his mood was morose at best. But his novel, Bastial Energy, was nearly done. He published it and was overjoyed at the result of more than a thousand purchases in the first month. Suffering from an injury that can leave you in this way can be extremely hard to contend with, Brian showed a lot of strength getting through this. People who are in the same position and don’t know what the next steps are can contact a workers’ comp service (see more over at ffvamutual.com) to help themselves as Brian has done.

Now Brian is a full-time author. He still uses voice recognition software, but more so out of preference than necessity, and-while he loves his parents-he’s thankful to have moved out of their home. In terms of writing, Brian likes to outline the entire novel before writing the first draft. He loves to write and feels thankful he can spend every day doing just that. Writing is a skill that can bring you a lot of joy, unfortunately, if you are writing consistently for things like book reports or essays, it can be hard to conjure up the right words to write, this is where sites like collegepaperworld.com come in handy for the student who needs that extra bit of help.

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