There’s so much more than just writing the book

There is so much more to self publishing than just writing a good book. There’s giving the book a killer title, giving the series another killer title, and making a blurb–which is a description for the book. Believe it or not, crafting the titles and the description are completely different types of writing than completing a fantasy book. It’s a difficult form of concise wording that I’m not good at because it is damn hard to do well! Very few people are masters at this, but I know of at least one. Then there are other, even more difficulties to self publishing, like setting up an ad, figuring out keywords, setting prices, writing a new-release announcement for multiple platforms that all require different formats. There’s also dealing with audio publishers, finding a narrator, and most importantly: having a damn good cover, both e-book and paperback. They are different and require so much time, talent, and creativity. That leads me to the person who deserves the credit for the success of B.T. Narro books, my wife, Beatriz. Not only does she do my cover, but she does everything else and more. I’ve told people I just write the book, and she does the rest, and sometimes I’ve accidentally gotten a laugh, but I am always dead serious. It is so much.

The amount of time Beatriz puts into all of these things is enough to be a full time job. She’s the CEO of B.T. Narro. She even reads and edits. It’s incredible. I am so lucky to have her not just as a wife and a mother to our wonderful little boy–which I see so much of her warmth and humor in–but I am so lucky for her to have taken command of everything besides writing the book. The success of each series is thanks to your hard work, your brilliance, and your creativity and dedication, my love. You are the smartest and most creative person I’ve ever met. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I got you to marry me. Thank you so much for everything you do, Beatriz!



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